This list of sponsors is still under construction and it does not include all the companies and people who have generously supported Sky’s The Limit Observatory and Nature Center.
City of Twentynine Palms has been a supporter of this Project from the time that Sky’s The Limit Observatory and Nature
Center purchased the property.  The City has assisted with the project over these many years in many ways. 
Granite Construction who has a plant in the City of Twentynine Palms donated all the Class 2 material for the roads and parking area of the Sky’s The Limit Campus.

The material was recycled from U.S. Hwy 40.  Granite had a contract for replacement of part of US 40 and the old highway was being removed it was brought back to the Twentynine Palms Plant to be recycled into class “2” material for resale.  Granite put an asphalt grinder on the campus site and had the truck come to the Sky’s The Limit and ground enough material for the roads and parking area of Sky’s The Limit Campus.  
Desert Builder Supply, inc.

Desert Builder Supply donated all the lumber for The Sky’s The Limit first two buildings.  
Desert Builder Supply has a store in Yucca Valley.  Again proving this Observatory and Nature Center is a collaboration project of the Joshua Tree Gateway Communities. 

Used Cabinets donated by Wooden It Be Nice, Kerry Keys, Owner, and was installed by other volunteers. Volunteers donate their time to install Cabinets. 
Windows built and installed by long time Twentynine Palms residence and finish carpenter, Harold Bussell.
Charles Duvall of Duvall Designs, West Rockport, ME donated tensile shade structures which create areas where groups can gather for Discovery Day programs.  Charles became a strong supporter of STL on an earlier visit to Twentynine Palms, and personally installed the first “wing” on the north side of the Workshop building.  That graceful canvas structure is visible from Utah Trail, and is a distinctive feature of STL’s campus.
MojaveWiFi has been the Internet Service Provider for Sky’s the Limit Observatory and Nature Center since June of 2014
allowing us to put our weatherstation information on our website.
Wonder Electric has been an ardent supporter from our beginning.  They are responsible for our first solar plant and have helped  
with electrical problems when we moved the dome to the campus.