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"What more do you need? A little garden in which to walk, and immensity in which to dream. At one's feet that which can be cultivated and plucked; overhead that which one can study and meditate upon: some flowers on earth and all the stars in the sky. "

From Victor Hugo
Les Misérables
Sky’s the Limit is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hands-on learning opportunities for the people of and visitors to the Joshua Tree Gateway Communities.
We provide a place where the honest pursuit of knowledge enriches the lives of all willing to participate, whether to view the smallest objects on the Earth, or observe the colossal displays in the sky.
An affiliate of
The Basin Wide Foundation
Steve Caron, Sky's The Limit's astronomer took these photos to present an accurate representation of what guests may expect to see through the eyepiece of Sky's The Limits 14" telescope. These photos are not overexposed or unrealistic and in some cases they are underexposed compared to professional deep sky photographs.

Remember, one should never expect to see the vivid colors of a photograph through the eyepiece, but on the other hand, photos lack the realism and subtle detail that you would see through the eyepiece (in his opinion). Viewed through the eyepiece of any telescope, all of these objects (with exception of the open star clusters) take on a shade of silver-green, silver-blue or grey and are very diffuse in nature.

Photos were taken using a Canon 60Da camera through either a Celestron 14" Schmidt-Cassegrain with an F/7 focal reducer, or an Orion 80mm ED Refractor.

Exposure times on the photos range from two to five minutes depending on the object. The 14" telesccope was donated to Sky's The Limit by Celestron.
M42 - Great Orion Nebula, stellar nursery
NGC 869 & 884 - Double Cluster in Perseus
M31 - Andromeda Galaxy, nearest spiral galaxy
M1 - Crab Nebula - supernova remnant in Taurus
M33 - Triangulum Galaxy - local group spiral
M45 - The Pleiades - brilliant open star cluster
M78 & NGC 2071 - reflection nebula in Orion
M37 - rich open star cluster in Auriga
NGC 253 - Sculptor Galaxy - edge-on spiral galaxy
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